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Deploy infrastructure around the world. Use the flexible calculator to select configuration of your ideal cloud.

Falconcloud - reliable IT infrastructure provider


Billing charges by the minute. Only for active services.


It is easy to modify configurations even after deployment in seconds.


Infrastructure availability is 99.9%. Guaranteed by the agreement.


Xeon Gold CPUs and NVMe SSDs perform better in benchmarks.

Make yourself at home

Managing a cloud infrastructure has never been so enjoyable. It's lightning-fast and stunning simple.


Ultrafast deploy

To reduce the time it takes to deploy VMs, we keep them in a dedicated, renewable pool. When you create a VM, the control panel requests this pool. It reduces the average deployment time to 40 seconds.


Freeze protection

A control panel is designed within the Single Page Application architecture. After the first page has been loaded, all pages load instantly, without lag. Focus entirely on your project.


2FA guard

We bring you the best options for protecting your control panel. You can set up two-factor authentication via mobile app or SMS, right in the panel settings.

Get the most out of our cloud

We provide an entirely new vision of your perfect cloud experience.

Fair billing

Other cloud providers offer you to pay monthly or hourly - our system bills in 10 minutes increments. If you use the VM for 30 minutes and delete it, you will only pay for 30 minutes. No more.

  • Future Dated Payment.
  • No linked credit card is required.
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Groundbreaking platform

We use an innovative hyper-converged vStack platform. The platform is powered by Open Source technologies that provide fantastic performance. It is the first of its kind, the unique one.

  • OS FreeBSD.
  • Bhyve hypervisor.
  • ZFS file system.
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Reliable data centers around the world

Your trust matters to us

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Customers say "You guys rock!"

“I recently switched my web applications to Falconcloud's VPS, and the performance boost is undeniable. My sites load faster, and handling peak traffic has become a breeze. Their server configurations and hardware are top-notch, ensuring that my virtual machine runs smoothly around the clock. A solid choice for anyone needing high-performance hosting.”
“Falconcloud has been my VPS provider for the past 3 months, and their uptime is impeccable. I've experienced virtually no downtime, and the few times I encountered issues, their system automatically migrated my virtual private server to a stable node, minimizing any potential disruptions. Their reliability gives me peace of mind, knowing my online presence is always secure.”
“The customer support at Falconcloud is what sets them apart from other VPS providers. They are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and patient. Whether it was a simple query about my VPS settings or a complex technical challenge, their support team was there to guide me through, ensuring my virtual machine runs optimally. Excellent customer service is the backbone of their offering.”
“Falconcloud's VMware Cloud delivers reliable and scalable virtualization solutions. A smart choice for businesses seeking robust cloud hosting.”
“Exploring Falconcloud's VMware Cloud has been a game-changer. Their virtual private server performance is unmatched, making this an excellent platform for our virtualization needs. Highly recommended.”
“Falconcloud's Managed Kubernetes is so good. The seamless integration and reliability of their Kubernetes solutions freed up valuable resources, allowing us to focus on innovation.”
“Managing my domain names has never been easier, the interface is intuitive, making DNS adjustments simple. Highly recommend! ”
“I'm impressed with Falconcloud's CDN. It's not just about speed, their control panel makes managing content a breeze. The pay-as-you-go pricing model is very convenient.”
Average Score 4.9
Reviews 79
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