Virtual private cloud

Craft a secure, private cloud within an isolated segment of a public network.

Absolute Privacy

Achieve high-level security and privacy, shielded from external threats.

Security compliance

Ensure your network aligns with essential key industry standards such as PCI and SOC.

Full control

Gain absolute, complete authority over the traffic entering and leaving your network subnets.

Cost Efficiency

Deploy your private cloud at no initial cost, experiencing security and financial benefits.


Link your cloud servers to a network boasting speeds of up to 1 Gbps for data transfer.


Adapt your network effortlessly to accommodate growing business and application needs.

Go global

Create your private networks in top-tier data centers around the globe for global reach.

Choose a VPC configuration

Quickly configure your VPC, simplifying its creation.

The price includes unlimited traffic
AED /mo
AED /hr
Get bonus AED for each payment
from 500 AED +3% bonus AED
from 1000 AED +5% bonus AED
from 5000 AED +10% bonus AED
Final configuration

Same as your personal data center

Great cloud performance on a secure, dedicated infrastructure.

Most on-premise data centers can’t be compared to Tier 3-design facilities, and IT professionals are increasingly aware of the need to move to the cloud.

It appears to become the top reason businesses are moving to cloud environments with VPC.

Goals to move to VPC — achieving high uptime and redundancy, improving the infrastructure security, accessing greater scale, and network capabilities.

Protecting a business from cyberattacks.
Scaling an infrastructure for business growth.
Aligning more closely with goals of business units.
Adopting a disaster recovery or business continuity strategy.

Addressing security challenges

Get rid of the headache when you must meet security department compliance.

icon_40x40_resiliency-1 1 (1)

Improve resiliency and availability.

icon_40x40_scalability-4 1

Improve security and apps scalability.

icon_40x40_performance 1

Improve network performance.

Simplicity at work

VPC helps support a broad range of business and IT tasks. Let’s look at the example workloads.

On-cloud intranet

Create a completely isolated corporate environment without the Internet, where security comes first.

Web services

Utilize VPC service to create private networks and deliver web services accessible by many users simultaneously.

Research and development

Use VPC in R&D to develop products with added security, meeting your organization's compliance standards.

Disaster recovery

The VPC is great for backups in a server crash or power failure, which is always the key in a production setting.

Some of our clients reviews about VPC

“My experience with Falconcloud's VPC has been transformative. The ease of managing our private cloud server, coupled with exceptional cloud service support, has streamlined our operations. Highly recommended for businesses looking to scale.”
“The cloud servers are robust and the private cloud hosting features are top-notch. It's a seamless blend of security and performance. Perfect for tech enthusiasts craving reliability.”
“As an IT manager, I found Falconcloud's Virtual private cloud services to be a cornerstone for our infrastructure. The cloud servers' reliability and the agility of the cloud service have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency.”
“The cloud servers offer unparalleled performance, and the private cloud hosting solutions are impressively secure and user-friendly. It's a standout service for those prioritizing privacy and efficiency in the cloud.”
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