Block storage

Effortlessly attach scalable storage volumes to your cloud servers, enhancing flexibility and capacity.

Enhance your VM

As intuitive as using an external SSD for your desktop, but hosted in the cloud.


Adjust storage volume with ease, scaling up even post-creation. Volumes range from 10 GB to 1 TB, with the ability to attach up to four additional volumes to a single VM.

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Storage volume replication exceeds standard industry levels, ensuring quick data restoration. With a 99.9% data availability rate, your volumes are safeguarded against disruptions.

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Manage cloud storage volumes through streamlined, automated tasks like creation, attachment, and deletion, minimizing the need for manual intervention and reducing operational expenses.

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Blazing fast

Enjoy high IO performance block storage for a wide range of workloads.

Resilient and swift

We use the best high-speed disk drives in the cloud market. Their volume expands on-demand in seconds.

Redundant and reliable

Storage volumes are physically isolated from virtual machines, and their data is replicated multiple times.

Predictable pricing

Choose SSD upgrades for your server, or reach out for a cloud service quote.

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Ideal for

Database management

Experience high-speed read/write capabilities and minimal latency, perfect for hosting diverse databases on block storage. Effortlessly scale your storage volumes in alignment with your database expansion.

App deployment

Optimize the performance of applications like Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, and SAP by utilizing block storage for direct data writing. This compatibility enhances operational speed by eliminating redundant data writing.

Expanding VM capacity

Leverage block storage to seamlessly enhance your cloud servers' disk space as needed, independent of CPU and RAM adjustments. This flexibility results in considerable cost savings on server resources.

Hear from our customers

“The cloud servers are robust and the private cloud hosting features are top-notch. It's a seamless blend of security and performance. Perfect for tech enthusiasts craving reliability.”
“As someone who has used various hosting providers over the years, I found Falconcloud's services to stand out for their reliability and performance. Their virtual servers run smoothly and efficiently, making website management a breeze. Falconcloud's cloud VMs offer a level of versatility and control that's ideal for developers and IT professionals looking for a virtual PC environment in the cloud. ”
“The customer support at Falconcloud is what sets them apart from other VPS providers. They are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and patient. Whether it was a simple query about my VPS settings or a complex technical challenge, their support team was there to guide me through, ensuring my virtual machine runs optimally. Excellent customer service is the backbone of their offering.”
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