VMware cloud

Deploy a robust cloud infrastructure utilizing the VMware based platform, renowned for its efficiency and reliability.

Assured data safety

Our architecture is designed to eliminate any single failure points, ensuring your data remains secure and accessible.

99.9% Uptime SLA Commitment

We assure a seamless operation and a 99.9% uptime SLA, ensuring your infrastructure remains consistently available. In addition to our commitment to service reliability, we offer financial compensation as a measure of accountability in case of SLA violation.

Advanced VMware Technology

Our services are powered by the VMware ESXi hypervisor, enhanced by the integration of VMware DRS and High Availability features. These technologies promptly recover from hardware disruptions, ensuring your server resources are always available and secure.

These indicates a robust cloud services


Experience our clear-cut billing system where you're billed every 10 minutes for the resources you utilize, free from any concealed fees.


Gain access to our 24/7 support team, promising a response to your inquiries within 15 minutes through our efficient ticketing system.


Link your cloud servers within a high-velocity network, boasting bandwidth speeds of up to 1 Gbps, for unparalleled performance.


Enjoy the flexibility to effortlessly expand your infrastructure as needed, with just a few clicks, whenever you require.

Top-tier enterprise equipment

We works with industry leaders Cisco & NetApp to equip our servers with the finest hardware


Servers are powered by Intel Xeon Gold processors, clocked at 3 GHz, complemented by ECC DDR4 memory running at 2.6 MHz.

icon_100x100_scaling 1

Our configurations can scale up to 64 vCPU cores and 320 GB of RAM, accommodating the most demanding applications.


Network resilience is achieved through redundant setups and dual communication paths, adhering to a 40 Gbps network standard for rapid data transfers.

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Storage solutions utilize NetApp AFF systems, ensuring data integrity through triple-replication techniques and maintaining data availability at 99.9%.

Resilient data centers with
high availability

We place equipment in data centers that are designed with dual redundancy, ensuring maximum reliability and continuous operation.

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Customizable VMware Server Configurations

Tailor your server resources to perfectly match the needs of your project with our intuitive VMware server calculator.

The price includes unlimited traffic
AED /mo
AED /hr
Get bonus AED for each payment
from 500 AED +3% bonus AED
from 1000 AED +5% bonus AED
from 5000 AED +10% bonus AED

Expand your reach globally!

Deploy your VMware cloud servers in Europe and Asia.


Tier III data center in Middle East
"Equinix DX1".



Most modern data centers in Europe "Equinix AM2".



One of the most reliable data center "Kazteleport".


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What is IaaS?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) represents a dynamic model where computing resources are offered as a scalable service, allowing users to forgo the high costs and complexities associated with acquiring, managing, and maintaining physical servers and other data center infrastructure. This model is particularly cost-effective as it operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, ensuring you only pay for the resources you actively use.

At Falconcloud, we specialize in providing VMware-based IaaS solutions. Our clients benefit from leasing robust virtual machines hosted on enterprise-grade hardware within the cloud. This setup not only guarantees access to rapid internet connections but also offers the flexibility to tailor server settings, choose from strategic data center locations, and enjoy a consistent uptime of 99.9% as per our SLA and beyond.

Advantages of renting virtual infrastructure

Falconcloud's virtual infrastructure services translate into significant savings on capital expenditure. This includes avoiding the upfront costs associated with procuring and implementing high-end server equipment, as well as mitigating future expenses related to infrastructure upgrades. All these aspects are efficiently managed by your cloud service provider, Falconcloud.

Moreover, our cloud IT infrastructure is designed for seamless scalability, enabling swift modifications to the configurations of your ready-to-deploy virtual machines as per your evolving business needs. A standout feature of our service is the commitment to a Service Level Agreement. Falconcloud pledges an impressive 99.9% availability of virtual machines, marking a benchmark for reliability.

Common use of cloud infrustracture

The majority of clients opt for cloud infrastructure primarily for web hosting, CRM system implementation, and the establishment and maintenance of remote desktops. Yet, the capabilities of virtual cloud infrastructure extend well into a plethora of other functions. It facilitates the crafting of tailored testing environments, designated development spaces, secure sandboxes for experimentation, among numerous other possibilities, showcasing its versatility and adaptability to diverse business requirements.

Can I customize the configuration of my cloud servers according to my specific requirements?

Absolutely! Our cloud infrastructure is designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the specifications of your cloud servers to match your unique requirements. Whether it's computing power, memory, or storage, our flexible IaaS ensures that your virtual server environment aligns perfectly with your project demands.

How does your IaaS ensure data security and compliance in the cloud?

Our services are built with stringent security measures and compliance protocols to safeguard your data on our cloud servers. We employ encryption, firewall protections, and access controls, among other security practices, to ensure your cloud infrastructure meets industry standards and regulatory requirements, providing you with a secure and compliant environment.

Some of our clients reviews about VMware cloud

“Falconcloud's VMware Cloud delivers reliable and scalable virtualization solutions. A smart choice for businesses seeking robust cloud hosting.”
“Exploring Falconcloud's VMware Cloud has been a game-changer. Their virtual private server performance is unmatched, making this an excellent platform for our virtualization needs. Highly recommended.”
“Falconcloud's VMware server for a bit now. It's pretty solid. Cloud hosting is smooth, and the VMware Cloud setup was easier than I thought. Got some hiccups at the start, but their support team was on it. Good stuff if you're into that whole IaaS.”
“After rigorously testing Falconcloud's VMware Cloud, I'm impressed with its virtualization capabilities and the seamless integration of their virtual private server. As a developer, I find their IaaS offerings to be robust and reliable, with excellent uptime and support. Falconcloud has certainly raised the bar for cloud hosting services.”
Average Score 4.9
Reviews 79
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