Windows cloud servers

Superior cloud based VPS on Windows. Licenses are included.

High-performance hardware

PS / VDS utilizes the exceptional power of Intel Xeon Gold 6154 processors, running at an impressive 3.1 GHz clock speed.

Guaranteed available resources

We guarantee available VPS Windows configurations, with no other impacts that can slow down servers.

99.9% SLA with compensation

According to SLA, we offer financial compensation in case of availability indicators violation.

Blasted performance.

Windows servers deploy in 40 sec on the most robust hardware available, and can handle any workload.

Awesome Xeon® Gold

Cloud based VPS on Windows are built upon the latest 2nd Gen Intel® Scalable CPUs, featuring a blazing 3.1 GHz frequency, ushering in a groundbreaking era of cloud computing.

Superfast SSDs

VPS cloud servers with Windows licenses are equipped with high-speed solid-state drives boasting exceptional IOPS rates. Your data is stored in triplicate, ensuring constant availability without any delays.

Windows apps

Take control of Server Manager, Active directory, IIS and other Windows server applications available in Control Panel.

Different types of access

Get owner/administrator rights for full administration or the accountant rights for financial management.

Additional licenses

Add latest versions of RDP, Microsoft SQL, Office and other Windows server licenses from the control panel. Easier than ever.

Top cloud platform

The top cloud platform's Windows servers operate on an innovative hyperconverged vStack platform, which is built on advanced Open Source technologies. This platform facilitates the creation of next-generation virtual machines.

Deploy worldwide.

Windows servers are available worldwide in 6 global markets: the USA, Netherland, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, and Kazakhstan.


Data protection.




Public IPv4 networks.


99.9% SLA guaranteed.


Up to 200 Mbps bandwidth.


24х7 live support.

Flexible calculator

Choose the appropriate quantity of resources for your VPS on Windows

The price includes unlimited traffic
AED /mo
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Get bonus AED for each payment
from 500 AED +3% bonus AED
from 1000 AED +5% bonus AED
from 5000 AED +10% bonus AED
Final configuration

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Which Windows Server Licenses do you offer?

We offer various versions of licensed software as well as other software built on Windows. The main services are Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Services Microsoft Windows, and Terminal Service (RDP). The full information on our cloud server pricing you can get here.

What hardware do you use for your VPS in cloud?

Falconcloud's cloud computing servers are built on high-performance hardware from the world's leading manufacturers.

The architecture of our virtual server VPS is built on the principle of no single point of failure.

All critical components are reserved at the physical level, and automatic switching mechanisms are configured.

Why do you call it a VPS virtual private server?

VPS Virtual Private Server is a hardware server that is connected to other same servers and forms a single fault-tolerant cluster. If one of the servers fails, it instantly switches to a serviceable one, thus ensuring high availability. The cloud server is also scalable, allowing you to quickly increase its capacity at any time.

Some of our clients reviews

“I would like to briefly tell you about my experience of using this service for several months. I have 3 machines of medium power on Ubuntu to perform various tasks of monitoring, parsing, etc. For all the time of co-operation not once guys have not let me down (I hope you will continue in the same spirit :). If there any technical work, they always give a notice in a couple of days. And they Usually do all the work at night (I think in the minimum time load). Force majeure has not happened yet. Regarding the price-quality i'm satisfied. I think the payment is decent, not overpriced. In general recommend !”
“Our first server on Falconcloud is already more than a year old, during all this time we have never had any problems with its operation. About technical works on the server there is always information on the site in advance, although in most cases it did not affect the work of our service. Creating servers and changing their configuration is easy to set up and intuitive even for non-programmers. It's great that there is technical support and if something happens on the server that you can not cope with yourself, you will be promptly helped. When we had such a failure, Falconcloud specialists helped to solve the problem in 12 hours and the cost of their services was more than acceptable.”
“I've been using Falconcloud for quite a long time, mostly I like everything. Very user-friendly interface, easy to create servers. Very pleased with the feature with pre-installed software (e.g. docker) for servers. So far I use the servers for pet projects, to learn DevOps, etc. It would also be convenient to be able to make a total balance for several projects - to use one card and see the total balance.”
“What I appreciate most about Falconcloud is its reliability and performance. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology ensures that my projects run smoothly without any downtime. The robust infrastructure and top-notch security measures provide a sense of confidence, knowing that my data is in safe hands. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and responsive customer support make managing my server a breeze. Falconcloud truly stands out for its commitment to delivering a hassle-free and efficient hosting experience, making it my go-to choice for all my hosting needs.”
Average Score 4.9
Reviews 79