Edge Gateways

Utilize gateways for enhanced data Privacy on isolated networks.

Data protection

Set up NAT and Firewall configurations within your gateways settings to safeguard your data.

Reliable connectivity

Protect communications from an isolated network by using a public IP address to access external networks.

Address availability

Leverage the capability to use three distinct private networks, each supporting up to 16,380 individual addresses.

Cloud infrastructure security

Enhance your network's defense by setting up NAT and Firewall protocols to secure data transit.


Enable secure internet access for devices on your private network through a unified external IP address, ensuring privacy.


Fortify your network against external risks by managing inbound and outbound internet traffic to maintain a secure environment.

User-friendly control panel interface

Easily manage Edge Gateways with a straightforward control panel, allowing for the swift addition of NAT and Firewall configurations.

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What exactly is NAT?

NAT - pivotal technology that transforms one IP address into another, streamlining internet access for isolated network devices via a single external WAN port IP address. This innovative approach masks the private network IP addresses from the outside world, significantly boosting data privacy and bolstering security measures within the network.

What is Firewall?

A Firewall serves as a vigilant monitor for both incoming and outgoing traffic, playing a crucial role in safeguarding a computer network from unauthorized internet users and external dangers. Acting as a barrier, it regulates internet traffic to and from a private network, granting or blocking access based on predetermined security rules.

How to deploy Edge Gateways?

Follow these steps:

  • Choose a Data Center along with the required channel bandwidth;
  • Identify and select the isolated networks you wish to link;
  • Within the newly established gateway, incorporate NAT and Firewall rules, ensuring all necessary information is accurately filled in.

Deploy Edge Gateway.

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