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Unmatched speed

Experience unparalleled connectivity with Direct Connect, where high speed meets efficiency.

Minimal latency

Embrace consistent performance and reduced delays. Our network ensures low-latency operations.

Enhanced security

Elevate your network's safety by bypassing public internet risks with our trusted, secure connection.

Your best connection

Optimal networking solution

Direct Connect offers a seamless bridge to Falconcloud's cloud services, promising enhanced security, minimal latency, and superior bandwidth.

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Dedicated Line

With just a single dedicated line, connect effortlessly to Falconcloud's cloud, enabling rapid deployment of cloud servers on a dependable network.

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Explore world-class solutions

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Hybrid cloud Integration

Falconcloud’s hybrid cloud deployment can be realized in scenarios requiring robust backup solutions. Seamlessly connect your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with Direct Connect, facilitating data backups through either dual-line or VPN access, without IP address range overlaps impacting your communications.

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Disaster recovery implementation

In scenarios necessitating backup configurations, our service seamlessly integrates your private data center with Direct Connect through dedicated leased lines. This ensures your data backups are secure, utilizing either dual-line or VPN access, and maintains uninterrupted communication even when network segments between the private network and data center overlap.

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