Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Speed up content distribution, elevate website's performance, reduce costs related to infrastructure upkeep.

CDN is

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a vast array of strategically positioned servers around the world, aimed at accelerating the distribution of your digital content and reducing the load on your primary server.

By leveraging a CDN, you ensure a faster, more reliable experience for your global audience, effectively boosting your site's performance and user contentment.

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Deploy worldwide

Falconcloud solutions span across seven key global markets, including the
UAE, the USA, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, and Kazakhstan, ensuring your content is accessible from virtually anywhere.

CDN is helpful for

SEO boost

The speed at which your website loads is critical for SEO rankings. Utilizing a CDN can significantly boost your site's search engine visibility, offering a superior browsing experience to your visitors.

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Guaranteeing Uninterrupted Accessibility

CDNs excel in managing content delivery even during spikes in web traffic, ensuring your site remains accessible during high-demand periods like sales events or live streams.

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Slashing Infrastructure Expenditures

CDNs help offload traffic from your primary server, saving on crucial resources needed to maintain your online presence. This efficient distribution of content allows you to avoid investing in additional hardware while maintaining peak site performance.

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Technological benefits

Abilities of using HTTP/2 and TLS protocols
GZip and Brotli compression
Let's Encrypt (for free)
Abilities of cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
DDoS mitigation
Traffic load balancing
Unique Hyper-converged vStack platform

Choose Falconcloud. But why?

SLA at 99%

We pledge consistent service uptime as per the SLA, and offer financial compensation in case of SLA violation.

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Resilience in Action

CDN automatically redirects traffic if a server goes down, ensuring no interruption.

Public IPv4 Designations

Benefit from IPv4's extensive, global network addressing capabilities or roughly 4.3 billion locations

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Dashboard Accessibility

Control and integrate CDN smoothly with our user-friendly control panel interface.

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Billing occurs every 10 minutes, ensuring you're only paying for the resources you genuinely utilize.

24/7 Technical Support

Reach out to our expert support team through email, phone calls, or ticket submissions

Configuring a CDN: A Guide


Enroll by creating an account on the Falconcloud control panel and refill balance.

Domain Integration

Point your domain to our nameservers and insert the necessary A-records.


How does a CDN protect your website from DDoS attack?

By screening and blocking traffic from suspicious IP addresses or those generating excessively high request volumes, a CDN safeguards your site against DDoS threats.

What are the advantages of a CDN for global websites?

CDNs distribute your content across various global locations, boosting download speeds and ensuring faster, localized content delivery.

Falconcloud's network spans across the UAE, the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey, and Kazakhstan, providing extensive reach.

How Can CDN Enhance Your Initiatives?

A CDN's hallmark is its proficiency in rapidly delivering vast content chunks to its end-users. It equips organizations and individuals with the tools to:

  • streamline audio and video broadcasts;
  • disperse hefty gaming and software packages;
  • ensure an online store's seamless performance amidst marketing drives.

How do Static and Dynamic Content Differ in the Context of CDNs?

While static content like images and videos remains unchanged on servers, dynamic content, such as information from databases, is produced in real-time. CDNs are particularly effective with static content, allowing it to be cached and delivered swiftly to users worldwide.

Feedback is the engine of progress

“Falconcloud's CDN is really good. Our website's load time improved so much. Recommend!”
“I'm impressed with Falconcloud's CDN. It's not just about speed, their control panel makes managing content a breeze. The pay-as-you-go pricing model is very convenient.”
“I recently switched my web applications to Falconcloud's VPS, and the performance boost is undeniable. My sites load faster, and handling peak traffic has become a breeze. Their server configurations and hardware are top-notch, ensuring that my virtual machine runs smoothly around the clock. A solid choice for anyone needing high-performance hosting.”
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