Cloud VPN

Launch a pre-configured server and streamline your workflow.

Pre-Installed apps on Falconcloud servers

Access the control panel to leverage the full potential of cloud VPN technology.

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User Experience

The user-friendly control panel simplifies management of configured servers, adhering to the latest standards in UI design.

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Leverage the cutting-edge vStack platform, a hyper-converged infrastructure built on leading open-source solutions for superior performance.

Flexible Pricing

Enjoy a pay-as-you-go model with billing every 10 minutes, ensuring you only pay for the actual resources consumed by your VPS server.


Skip the lengthy setup process with our ready-to-deploy applications, saving you both time and effort right from the start.

SoftEther VPN server setup

Experience instant connectivity with a SoftEther VPN-configured server, ready in just three minutes.

Falconcloud offers:

  • A generous 50 Mbps bandwidth for smooth, uninterrupted access.
  • A choice of IP addresses from five strategic locations.
  • An intuitive SoftEther VPN web interface for real-time monitoring and easy configuration adjustments.
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Data Protection

Deploy a server designed to encrypt your information, enhancing network's security.

High Speed

Benefit from exclusive, maximum bandwidth, ensuring no sharing with others.


Gain access to your SoftEther VPN server seamlessly from any device, anywhere.

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What is a VPN and why do I need one for my online activities?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, secures your internet connection by routing it through a private server. It's crucial for safeguarding your online privacy and securing your data from unwanted snooping, especially when using public Wi-Fi.

Which applications are available for configured server setup?

Discover the applications currently supported for seamless server setup:

  • SoftEther VPN
  • StrongSwan

Stay tuned for additional applications set to launch in the near future.

What is SoftEther VPN?

SoftEther VPN stands as a versatile, open-source solution for establishing secure VPN connections using various protocols.

Launching a Server with SoftEther VPN: A Guide

  • Open the "Configured servers" tab in the control panel.
  • Select the Data Center where you want to deploy a server.
  • Click the "Create" button.

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“Honestly, this is the best virtual private network I've used. Totally recommend it!”
“Efficient! Falconcloud's VPN keeps my stuff locked down. A safe VPN is rare. 5 stars!”
“The fastest VPN I’ve experienced. It's impressive how quick my connections are. Hands down.”
“Falconcloud's VPN? Rock solid. A secure VPN that keeps you connected no matter where you're at.”
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