Falconcloud API

Secure programmatic access to Falconcloud control panel functions via HTTP requests.

Automate your development

Interact with your cloud infrastructure or integrate it with your apps, scripts, and services.

RESTful Interface

API is based on the REST architectural style.


Requested API data is sent in JSON format.

Popular methods

Data exchange methods: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

Available operations

Experience the full power of Falconcloud through the API, mirroring the extensive functionality of the Falconcloud control panel.

Cloud management

With cloud API management features, you can administer cloud servers, networks, network interfaces, snapshots, and extra storage with ease.

Project details

Get detailed insights into your projects and tasks with Falconcloud API, and streamline workflow by managing SSH keys efficiently.

Where to begin?

At first, you need to create an API key in the control panel. View the API documentation for details.

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What Exactly is an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, serves as a critical conduit for data exchange between different software applications. In essence, it enables diverse interfaces to communicate, thereby facilitating developers in integrating various services and customizing applications to suit their needs.

What are Private and Public APIs?

Private APIs are tools designed for use within a particular organization, aimed at enhancing internal operations and efficiency. On the other hand, Public APIs stand open to all, offering developers universal access to a service's functionalities, fostering innovation and broader application integration.