Cloud DNS Server

Resilient and fully automated DNS management service. Empower your domain with our Cloud DNS Server.

Cost-Free DNS Hosting

Enjoy complimentary access to our robust cloud nameservers, eliminating concerns about hidden fees while hosting your domains.

Ultra-Low Latency

Experience swift domain responses globally, ensuring performance of your website no matter where your audience is.

Effortless DNS Migration

Seamlessly transfer your existing DNS records with our intelligent import feature, making the switch stress-free.

Unmatched Uptime

Rely on our high-availability, fault-tolerant infrastructure to keep your nameservers running smoothly around the clock.

Friendly for your cloud

Effortlessly associate your Cloud servers with A and AAAA records, automating the linkage to IP addresses and enhancing your cloud ecosystem's efficiency.

Available resource records

A Record

Central to linking your domain with an IP address, the A Record utilizes IPv4 protocol as the bedrock of your digital footprint.

AAAA Record

Echoing the A Record's purpose, the AAAA Record bridges your domain with an IPv6 address, aligning with the latest internet protocols for enhanced connectivity.

PTR Record

Serving as the A Record's counterpart, the PTR Record reverses the link, associating an IP address with its corresponding domain, a key player in reverse DNS lookups.

NS Record

This record directs to the DNS server assigned to relay your domain's DNS inquiries, essentially marking the repository of your DNS data.

CNAME Record

Fundamental for linking subsidiary domains to a master domain, the CNAME Record facilitates the consolidation of domain management.

MX Record

This record guides the path of email to the designated mail server tasked with handling your domain's email communications, ensuring a streamlined email infrastructure.

TXT Record

This multifaceted record harbors text information linked to your domain, serving diverse functions from validating domain ownership to setting up email security frameworks.

SRV Record

Specifying the whereabouts of service-hosting servers by detailing the hostname and port, the SRV Record is instrumental in navigating service-oriented traffic.

Seeking unlimited scaling?

Manage up to 50 domains at no cost with our service. To unlock infinite domain management, simply top up your account or integrate with Falconcloud's cloud infrastructure.


DNS Tutorials

What is the meaning of DNS?

DNS, standing for Domain Name System, acts as the internet's phonebook, translating human-readable domain names into IP addresses. Falconcloud's Cloud DNS Server efficiently manages this translation process, ensuring quick and reliable access to your websites.

What is the DNS server meaning?

A DNS server operates under the Domain Name System, maintaining crucial technical details about domains, such as IP addresses for domain access (A records) and domains for mail servers (MX records). The speed of the DNS server's response directly influences how quickly a website loads.

How does Falconcloud's Cloud DNS Server enhance domain-level management?

Falconcloud's Cloud DNS Server provides advanced domain-level management tools that allow for easy control over your domain settings, including A, MX, and CNAME records, ensuring your domain's optimal performance and reliability.

What advantages does utilizing Falconcloud's Cloud DNS Server offer for managing multiple domains?

With Falconcloud's Cloud DNS Server, managing multiple domains becomes streamlined thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful tools, allowing for easy updates and configurations across all your domains from a single platform.

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